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Jon Fink, Commercial Sales Director


Who are you?

“Dedicated husband and new father of a baby girl. In my spare time, I cook competition BBQ with my team, Griswold Grillers. I prefer to be outside vs. inside.”

How did you get into the plumbing industry?

“I’ve always done maintenance with plumbing being a part of the service we offered. MMP was always my plumber and when this job came up, Bob Quirk and I had a great conversation about what we can accomplish at MMP.”

Favorite color?


Celeb crush?

Charlize Theron

One fun fact about yourself.

“When I was born, my right foot was turned under and facing backwards.”

Favorite thing about KC?

The people.

If you could live anywhere, where would that be?


Choose One:

Salt or Pepper

Thursday or Saturday

Ben or Jerry

Day or night

Paper or plastic

Famous last words?

“There’s always room for one more.”

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