“Who is responsible for my water line?”

Though you may know, your utility company is only responsible for the repair and replacement of main water lines outside of your property boundary. Within your property boundary, the costs for water line repair and replacement fall on the homeowner, and these plumbing repairs can be costly.

“How can I tell if my water line needs repair?”

There are a variety of reasons your water line may need repair, from build-up to general corrosion. Because these pipes are underground, it can be difficult to test whether your water line needs repaired or replaced.

If you are having difficulties with your water line, ask yourself these three questions to help you take the next the step:

  1. Is your front lawn soggier in certain spots, even when it hasn’t rained?
  2. Does the water pressure or volume flowing into your home suddenly seem lower?
  3. A dramatic increase in your water bill with no explanation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your water line could be damaged. If you believe that your water line needs inspected for any reason, call the Kansas City plumbing experts at Morgan Miller Plumbing for a water line examination. Our plumbers use electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators to fully diagnose your problem, so we can give you a wide range of affordable plumbing solutions catered to your specific plumbing needs.

If you answered yes…