Save money and get a high-quality pipe with our Line Bursting service. Demolished yard, NOT-included.

What’s worse than having a broken water line on your property? Having someone tear up your landscaping while trying to fix it – that’s worse!

We’re home owners who spend time taking care of our yards too, so we understand the fear of seeing all of that hard work and money go down the drain. This reason alone, makes the value of our Line Bursting service virtually priceless. Using this trenchless method of replacing buried sewer lines and other water lines, we just use your current broken line as a blueprint that leads us through the old path. There is no digging up your yard so you won’t have to replant the petunias or re-sod the front yard.

On top of that, the new sewer pipe that we replace your broken one with has a very long life expectancy and is highly resistant to future leaks and nasty roots. Morgan Miller Plumbing specialists have used line bursting techniques like this for projects such as:

  • Sewer laterals
  • Water mains
  • Irrigation lines
  • Manhole to manhole
  • Under slabs and floors
  • Under roadways
  • Under driveways
  • Under parking lots

Nice yard? No worries! Let the pros take care of you…