No one can prevent a plumbing emergency, but a Healthy Home Agreement can prevent it from being a disaster and costing you a fortune. A Healthy Home Agreement is like going to the doctor once a year for a check-up, it keeps you aware of what is happening beneath the surface. It keeps your plumbing healthy. On top of having peace of mind that your system is working properly, there are also some other perks. With this agreement you will receive:

  • Priority service
  • 1/2 price trip charge during normal business hours
  • 10% parts and labor discount
  • Annual healthy home plumbing inspection
  • Written service record
  • Extended fixture life
  • Transferable

What you get with a Healthy Home Plumbing Inspection:

Water Heaters

What We Will Do: Check the burner assembly onyour gas water heater. Visually check the temperature and pressure relief valve for safe operation. Check the vent assembly for proper operation. Check the thermostat settings and readjust. Clean the air intake screen.

Why Have It Done: By having this service done, it ensures that your water heater will be operating at its peak efficiency, saving you money on your utility bill as well as keeping your showers warm by getting the most hot water possible out of your tank.


What We Will Do: Check under the kitchen sink and all lavatories for leaks and corrosion. Check the pop-up for ease of operation. Clean the aerators on all of your faucets throughout the house for proper flow. Thighten any loose faucets.

Why Have It Done: Calcium and hard water deposits often come through your water source. This clogs the aerator, restricting proper water flow. Having this service performed will extend the life of your faucet and save you money by not having to replace these items as often.


What We Will Do: Inspect the toilet and tank for any leaks, corrosion, and porper flushing action. Check the fill valve for proper adjustment and check the flapper for a proper water seal. Check the base of all toilets for possible leakage.

Why Have It Done: To reduce embarrassing clogs and annoying toilet noise from an improperly adjusted or defective fill valve in the toilet. This service will reduce water consumption and ensure proper flushing action to move waste down the line, reducing the chance of a stoppage.