What Does Being Green Have to Do With Plumbing?

Green plumbing is a whole new way of conserving energy as it relates to water usage. So many people talk about being “Green” these days, but at Morgan Miller Plumbing, we want you to know why green plumbing is so important to us. We all know that our natural resources are limited in California, especially water, but did you know that conserving water also helps with air pollution and conserving our other resources like electricity, coal, gas, and diesel? This means that every gallon of water you don’t use cuts down on the fossil fuels used in conjunction with water consumption. In effect, using less water also equals less air pollution. Currently, the average family of 4 uses 116,000 to 175,000 gallons of water a year, so in our part to help the environment, we wanted to give you a few green plumbing ideas and facts that we have put together to show you how to conserve energy without giving up personal comfort. Our goal is to introduce you to new green plumbing technology that provides the same or superior comfort level as traditional plumbing products, but saves you money and helps the planet at the same time! Now that’s some delicious water efficiency…

  • Toilets use 26% of water in the household
  • Laundry uses 22% of water in the household
  • Showers use 17% of water in the household
  • Faucets use 16% of water in the household
  • Leaks use 14% of water in the household
  • Baths use 2% of water in the household