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There is a lot of confusion as to what is “OK” to put down your kitchen sink, and we are here to clear that up for you. The answer is… NOTHING.

Well maybe not that dramatic, but the list of what you can put down the garbage disposal/drain is far shorter than what not to put down your drain. Here are a couple things that are okay to put down your kitchen sink drain:

Ice Cubes: Putting a tray or about a dozen ice cubes down the garbage disposal helps keep the blades nice and sharp. It also cleans the gunk around the blades, keeps them working properly. BONUS: It makes a super cool sound that kids usually find fun, with proper supervision.
Lemons: A lemon slice gives the garbage disposal a nice de-odorizing and refreshes the sink area. This is usually best right after you have put the ice cubes down the garbage disposal.
Small Table Scraps: And by small, we mean small. Don’t dump your whole plate in the sink that is what a trash can is for.
Soap & Water: This is a given, but just want to make sure you know it is okay!

All of the above should be done while running cold water and the garbage disposal together, and always leave the water running a couple seconds after you turn off the disposal. The older your plumbing is, the more precaution you need to use. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us (816-765-4843), we are always happy to help!

  1. June 23, 2015

    Keep all jewelry away from the garbage disposal! Put in a safe place away from the sink.

  2. July 9, 2015

    Just had Alex Manrique out. He did a great job. He was fast, friendly and seamed to know his business. I had called another company that I had used many times in the pass and they wanted to charge me almost three hundred dollars. You were only one forty.
    I will use Morgan Miller for all my future needs.

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