Plumbing-new constructionAt Morgan Miller Plumbing we pride ourselves on being the full-service plumbing solution that you need.

We admit we are not the guys to do your dry wall, painting and electricity, but when duty calls, we work with the best professionals in that area to get the job done. As the go-to master plumber in Kansas City, time and time again we have led the charge when a company has needed to build out or relocate a bathroom or kitchen.

Thinking about doing the work yourself? Even if it’s a small job and you want to do the demolition and remodeling yourself, don’t forget the 3P’s of tenant finishing: Proper Plumbing Planning. Your buildings piping system and interconnectivity are the bones of the structure and it’s most important to have that done right…always.

Have a Morgan Miller Plumbing professional to come check out your plans for you project. We’ll give you the advice you need to ensure the job gets done right…the first time…and we can provide you with any number services you need to execute. There is no one better to provide tenant finish assistance in Kansas City than Morgan Miller Plumbing.

Get help with your tenant finish project